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Tel : +(86  -28 -541 2404    Fax: +86  -28- 5412954 
Mail : Computer Department ,Sichuan University,
           Chengdu ,China,      Post Code: 610064

Prof. TANG Changjie


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General Information

Vice Director of Database Society of Chinese Computer Federation

Member of  Committee of Artificial Intelligence and Pattern recognition  of China Computer Federation,

Director of   Database & Knowledge Engineering Institute of of Computer School, Sichuan Univ.



    Prof. TANG Changjie ,  received his B.Sc and MSc. from Department of Mathematics, Sichuan University, China in 1969,1981, respectively.

     Prof. TANG Changjie is vice director of Database Society of Chinese Computer Federation . He was PC member of VLDB'97(Very Large Data Bases) and many other international conferences. He is program chair or general chair of NDBC01, WAIM03, WAIM05 and NDBC06 , MDMKD2009,WAIM2010.

     His recent research interesting is on data mining, computer security and machine translation; He has  published 8 books and more than one hundred  research papers  in international database conferences and computer science journals such as FODO, IFIP,SIGMOD, DASFAA, ICSC, TCS (Theoretical Computer Science) ,LNCS, JOS, JCST, SC (Science of China).   He received several awards of science and technology from government. He also received the national award as the author of excellent science and technology books. 

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